Exploring Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad

Why Join

Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad’s members come from all age groups and a wide variety of backgrounds. All join to serve our community and some join to advance their training, experience, and career goals. Membership offers a number of intangible and tangible benefits.

Three members with a sign saying "Why I volutneer" infront of an ambulance



  • Satisfaction of helping our fellow citizens
  • Incredible sense of achievement
  • Meeting a diverse range of people
  • Becoming a member of the Sterling Rescue family and network


  • Tuition reimbursement (Up to $4,000 per fiscal year)
    • Free training (Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Rescue Technician)
  • Recommendation letters for schooling and employment
  • Earn up to $300 a month in retirement
  • Uniforms (except belt, shoes and pants)
  • Automobile personal property tax exemption (one car per Loudoun County resident)
  • Loudoun County Credit Union membership eligibility

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Why Do I volunteer?

We asked members why they decided to become volunteers and received a variety of answers. Many said they were looking to serve their community or gain experience in the medical field. Here are just a few of the answers we received from our volunteers:

“To do something worthwhile. I cannot think of a better way for one person to make a difference in our community. “

“To enter the medical field”

“Provide EMS service to my community”

“To provide patient care and engage in a fulfilling endeavor.”

“I thought it would be fun. I had heard of some friends who did EMS and I wanted to check it out.”

“I wanted to start helping people when they are in most need. I wanted to learn and experience what to do in medical emergencies.”

“I wanted to get into the medical field, learn new skills, be part of a team, and help people.”

Regardless of the personal reasons for joining, members ultimately become a part of a team and realize they play an integral role in something bigger than themselves.

What Keeps Us Coming Back

We also asked members why they continued to volunteer. While similar to the reasons to why they joined, many said it was also because they felt a strong sense of camaraderie, teamwork and commitment to the mission.

“Most of the calls that we have are fairly routine. A few are not. Having done this for only a couple of years, I can look back and say that there are a number of people who are enjoying life with their families today, who would not be here if not for the actions of myself and my fellow crew members. Truly saving a life stays with you forever. That’s what keeps me coming back.”

“The people we run with, the patients we serve (you really never know what you're going to see/encounter)"

“I like running calls and I like being around the people on my crew”

“Responsibility to community and learning experience”

“Friendships I've formed”

“I'm committed to my crew and to my community.”

“Providing essential EMS for the community & leading the next generation of EMS providers”

“The sense of performing a duty for the community.”

“I enjoy it - I like the camaraderie.”

“Habit :-). Seriously, it's part of my life.”

“For my community and for my crew”

“I have a wonderful crew and the surprise element of every call keeps it interesting”

“Crew 3 is my family, enjoy helping others.”

“I really enjoy learning about patient care and the medicine aspect of it. I also really like that everyone on my crew is so willing to teach me about the field and their experiences.”

“I like being able to serve the community and I enjoy the camaraderie and relationships I've built being a member of SVRS.”

Regardless of the personal reasons for coming back for shifts, members ultimately become a part of a team and realize they play an integral role in something bigger than themselves.

Additional Testimonials from our Members

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