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Reston Hospital Center Recognizes Sterling Rescue Volunteers

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Three Sterling Rescue EMS crews were recently recognized by the Reston Hospital Center for their actions to recognize, treat, and rapidly transport patients to the Cardiovascular Unit (Cath Lab) at Reston Hospital Center.

Each of the crews were recognized by Reston Hospital Center for their rapid assessment with a 12-lead EKG, prompt Advance Life Support treatment, early communications to the hospital for the need of a specialized team, and promptly transporting the patient to the hospital where they were quickly assessed and treated by a cardiologist and the Cath Lab team.

On the first call February 7, M615 responded to a 60 year old male who was having a heart attack. The second call occurred on May 15 when a 47 year old male complained of chest pains and units assessed the patient and determined that he was having an interior heart attack. The last incident occurred on May 29 for a 59 year old male having a cardiac emergency.

Each of the patients treated and transported underscore the importance of dialing 911 when you are having signs of a heart attack. In addition, providers now have more advanced protocols and procedures in place to rapidly diagnosis and treat patients, quickly transmitting the information to a doctor, who activates the necessary specialized teams. Within minutes of arriving at the hospital, the patient is brought directly into the surgical suite where they rapidly clear the clogged blood vessel causing the heart attack. These actions save lives and get the patient the care they need. This would not be possible without close coordination and collaboration between our Sterling Rescue volunteers and the Reston Hospital Center.

Congratulations to our providers!

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