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Sterling Rescue Elects Administrative Officers for 2023

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On December 8, 2022, Sterling Rescue elected their Administrative Officers for Calendar Year 2023, during the December General Membership Meeting. The following members were elected to these positions.

President: Jen Ferguson
Vice-President: Scott Maurice
Secretary: Gwen Kjellberg
Treasurer: Elizabeth Apple
Board of Directors: Byron Andrews, Rick Jackson, Stewart McLaren, Steve Schmidt
Trial Board: Kathleen Leary, Cerra Clough, Katrina Kenneweg

Congratulations to these new Officers. Additionally, a big thanks to all other members who accepted nominations and were willing to take on leadership positions for 2023. We also want to express our appreciation to the outgoing Administrative Officers who served us so well in 2022.

The President and Chief are elected to two year terms. All other Officers serve one year terms. The elections for President and Chief are held in alternating years, to maintain continuity within the organization. Chief Kathy Harasek was elected last year and will continue her role through 2023.

Operational Officers are appointed by the Chief and approved by the Board of Directors at the beginning of each calendar year. Our Operational Officers will be announced after the new year!


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