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Sterling Rescue Presents 2022 Operational, Administrative and Years of Service Awards

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On Saturday, February 4, 2023, at our annual Celebration and Awards Banquet, the Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad recognized 22 members of the Squad for outstanding service to our organization and the community. This ceremony recognized members for outstanding operational and administrative service, and for their many years of service to the organization. The 2022 awardees are:

Operational and Administrative Member Awards

Rick Jackson, Distinguished Member of the Year
Alex Venuti, Operational Officer of the Year
Joe Morganti, Operational Member of the Year
Scott Rein, Probationary Member of the Year
Sherilee Gode, Administrative Member of the Year

Years of Service Awards

Forty Years of Service
Stephen Grant

Thirty Years of Service
Jen Ferguson

Twenty-Five Years of Service
Man Minh Huynh

Fifteen Years of Service
Christina Rogers
Mike Seppala

Ten Years of Service
Curt Holmer

Five Years of Service
Sumaiyah Ali
Katie Gray
Mohammed Monam
Sarah Sanabria
Carlos Torres
Matthew Villalobos

Life Members
Lauren Hartman
Matt Kucik
Jason McCandless
Rick Myers
Michael “Gunner” Rose

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